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Maintenance and maintenance of beverage machinery

The trial duration of beverage machinery, depend on the normal use and how to use, maintenance and maintenance, and beverage machinery is the most commonly used packaging machinery in the production process, and the price is high, if the trouble is sure to cause loss of production enterprises, so that the daily maintenance of beverage machinery is particularly important.
Some perishable packages require beverage machinery to be packed in an absolute vacuum, otherwise the damage to the product is immeasurable. The beverage machinery maintenance is very important when the season, if you save the wrong way cause the machine can not continue to use, will greatly affect the enterprise production. In the beverage machinery just bought back, it should be carried out the whole machine inspection, especially in the machine running in time, easy in the fastening, lubrication defects, therefore, timely inspection and maintenance.
The parts of the beverage machine are fastened; the size of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the package; the components are connected periodically to lubricate. The most important thing is at the turn of the season, the enterprise must carry on the thorough cleaning of machine, and save the facilities to be absolutely sealed, but also to the machine in a dry environment, to ensure that the beverage machinery is not corrosive liquid. Before you operate the beverage machine, you must read the instruction manual in detail, and be familiar with the adjustment and operation methods. You must follow the instructions. According to the provisions of beverage machinery manual, maintenance of vacuum pump, gas (keep level), and strict attention is not allowed to reverse, so as to avoid misoperation and reverse pump pump, pour the oil spray to pump vacuum system. Often check the pressing frame sealing cloth (PTFE) has no foreign body, whether the formation, in order to ensure the sealing strength. Check that the grounding of the machine is in good contact and ensure safe use of electricity. When the beverage machinery is found to be out of order, the power shall be turned off in time. If necessary, the emergency stop button shall be connected. After the air is released, the machine cover shall be brought up, then the voltage will be turned off, the cause of the trouble will be checked and the trouble will be removed

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