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The developing prospect of beverage machinery in our country has room for improvement

China’s beverage machinery and equipment development today, fully able to meet the needs of domestic beverage manufacturers, is a way to import technology, digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and gradually localization of the road. Compared with foreign advanced technology, China’s beverage processing still exist in the product specification is not complete, complete, control and automation level is low, the performance is not stable, single application of advanced technologies, less faults and weaknesses. Our country in manufacturing equipment, processing method, the design level with the main foreign filling equipment manufacturing enterprises there is a certain distance, and these are China’s beverage machinery industry need to work and some improvements. In the middle of twenty-first Century, China’s beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is still full of hope, confidence and strength. Its development direction is large-scale, high-speed and improve stability, is the main goal of development.
It is understood that the beverage machinery industry has begun to advance in high-end ranking from the previous workshops, the traditional manufacturing enterprises to design brand. Famous brand products are more and more welcomed by the new middle class consumers. However, the narrow thinking of domestic development makes the whole industry chain can not be extended, and it is difficult to form systematic and serialized development. The lack of brand awareness makes the domestic beverage machinery industry unable to produce brand-name enterprises and star products. Most enterprises can only represent international brands and become a migrant worker, becoming a supporting role in the vast market of the domestic beverage machinery industry.
China’s beverage machinery industry is still in the low-end ranks, the industry chain is very immature. Domestic market demand for foreign high-end brands is growing, but also reflects the weakness of domestic brands, can not enter the domestic high-end market. Although the current domestic beverage machinery development trend is good, but the level of competition is still relatively low, quantitative change when triggered qualitative change, the industry is still lack of a real innovation force to promote such a jump on the level.

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