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At present, our country in the production of manufacturing equipment, processing method, the design level with the main foreign filling equipment manufacturing enterprises there is a certain distance, and these are China’s beverage machinery industry need to work and some improvements. As long as improve product quality standards, guided by the market, adjust product structure, innovation of science and technology, research and development of new materials and new technology, establish the powerful influence of beverage machinery characteristic brand market. Beverage machinery in the future market still has long-term potential for development.
In twenty-first Century, China’s beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is still full of hope, confidence and strength, and its development direction is large-scale, high-speed and improve stability, is the main goal of development.
Affected by the height of the development of domestic and international economic situation and domestic beverage industry, China’s beverage machinery has made considerable progress, at present China’s beverage machinery manufacturing technology and equipment level in increase sharply in recent years, has nearly reached the world advanced level, and quickly upgrade into the international competition has laid the foundation for China’s beverage machinery industry.
With the opening of the market and China’s beverage machinery industry with the world to accelerate the process of internationalization of high-end products will be competitive market heights, beverage machinery products set safety and technology will be the mainstream of the future. The development of high-end beverage machinery will enter the fast lane of development.
The construction of independent brands of domestic enterprises will play a positive energy driven, independent innovation as the driving force and improve the quality of high-end product development, will win the market more recognized by consumers, the market share of high value-added cake. Beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry dayilong, established in 1999, has become a leading enterprise in the domestic beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry, scientific research, production, marketing of heavy simplified dumbbell type management mode, make our country become a miracle dayilong beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry.
Future competition will continue to be brand, quality and channel. In particular, the competition in the future market will no longer be domestic enterprises competition, foreign beverage machinery giants have poured into the Chinese market, foreign acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in the acceleration of action.

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